Pet Talk

By Carol Boerio-Croft


copyright@aroundlatrobe 2014

You know the feeling after you’ve just walked out of the shower with clean fresh hair, clean all over and that bounce in your step when you’re feeling terrific?

Well canines and felines feel that way too after a day at the spa/grooming….

Yes, at the Orchid’s spa we also groom our feline friends…I know they hate baths but even a dry bath, brush out and de-matting, nails, teeth cleaning for them works wonders.

I think it’s the greatest feeling to come home and pick up our pets after their day care spa day…smelling oooh so clean…fresh…well groomed…all those stray hairs out - for awhile…pedicures…ears cleaned…teeth brushed leaving them with that minty fresh breath! There’s nothing better than snuggling a clean pet. I love sending my pets for a spa day at Orchid’s Spa with the groomer, Gretchen, and the professional team, there’s nothing like it.

Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility in my experience. Part of the responsibility is making sure your choice of pet is the right choice for your family. Doing your research and making sure that it’s the right personality, energy level, size, exercise needs; and if there are any allergies in the family in matching yourself with the perfect pet.

Good veterinary care is a must to maintain a healthy happy pet. Feeding your pet a good healthy diet and doing the research that the diet is the best one for your pets needs. House training, obedience training, and good manners are a must. Maintaining your pet on a monthly basis with deep therapeutic scrub to get rid of all the loose hairs, good brushing, good hair cut and styling, teeth cleaning, nails trimmed, full body massage and examination, conditioning treatments there’s just so much at the Orchid’s Spa for you and your pet’s delight.

Also, we offer free day care for our full groom pets: Mon – Fri from 7 am to 7 pm, and Sat-Sun 7 am – 5 pm. FREE DAYCARE SPA Day means that your pet will lounge on couch, run and play, lunch, get some serious lovin’, and get groomed as well. For an extra charge you can have your pet go for a couple mile hike in our off leash park, swim in the pool, hot tub therapy…all before they go for their styling.

Two areas that especially important along with good clean pet hygiene: Nails are important as long nails will throw off the pets gait, causing them to have to adjust their walking but in this offset it may make their hips hurt or throw them off alignment, and dew claws are important to maintain short and safe. A dewclaw caught in a carpet loop or on anything is painful experience

Also…teeth and good dental hygiene are extremely important. There are some super fantastic dental machines out there for veter-inarians to do dentals. They are safe, efficient, state of the art equipment built for the comfort and gentle care of your pet’s teeth, gums, etc. These amazing machines assist the veterinarian to get into small mouths expertly, efficiently, with precise and gentle manipulation of teeth, gums, etc. So much more gentle on the pets making the experience less evasive and uncomfortable.

Good dental hygiene and maintenance not only takes care of the pet’s gums, teeth, etc. but protects your pets bodily organs to keep them healthy and safe. Bacteria, gum infections, gingivitis, abscesses all contribute to some organ failures over long term. But also it’s painful for the pets…and your pet can’t tell you when it hurts to chew or swallow, or they could have a loose tooth or just not feeling well. We need to rely on the veterinarian’s sixth sense and visits, good physicals, dental checkups and cleanings, proper pet medical care just like ourselves and yearly visits to our doctors our pets need this to ensure their health.

I love my pets, they are not only my companions but my family, especially now that I’m an “empty nester”.  I rely heavily on good grooming maintenance and excellent veterinary care for my special furry family. And in return I have the best life “ever” with my canine and feline family.

Feeling good, clean, healthy and happy!

Chynna and Jules

A Report from Chamber President David W. Martin

A Chamber of Commerce is essential to the economic growth of our local business communities; through making introductions, advocating essential projects (like the 981 connector) and keeping its membership informed on issues impacting bottom-lines.  Today however, all of that is not enough. Chambers now have to ensure their members understand the “return-on-investment” of Chamber membership and be viewed as a true “partner” in their organization’s success.

For me, the first step is reassessing how our Chamber provides value for our members. Gone are the days when an organization would join because they are new to the area and need to make some quick connections or it was simply the “right-thing-to-do”.

And, considering the recent economy, many members are so busy they find it difficult to make the monthly Chamber events. That is why it is critical to provide members an active online presence that connects them in an ever growing digital world. That is on the way. But, there’s more…

Promotions and Publicity—In the weeks and months-to-come our Chamber will offer new programs that provide promotional materials to welcome new residents, visitors and businesses to the area, ensuring that members are front and center to this valuable audience.  Additionally, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) advertising and marketing opportunities will be available to our members exclusively.

Networking—if today’s technology and the ability to “network online” have you wondering if doing business “in-person” is a thing-of-the-past, think again!  There’s still nothing as strong as “face-to-face” communication where building trust, respect and name recognition is concerned…nothing.  It’s only through building that level of relationship over time that you are likely to acquire referrals and find the most suitable partners you need to help you grow your organization.

Mentoring and Educational Programs—Our educational programs and the work the Chamber does with our local schools is inspiring. Nothing pays you back like paying-it-forward, and these programs are the perfect example of that. Your Chamber membership makes these programs possible. Our future workshops for educating-our-members in areas important to their bottom-line will play a big part in their success. 

Events —Your Chamber will host, partner and promote new and re-invented events, designed to drive business and help members get to know their peers and customers better.  These kinds of events provide tremendous business opportunities for people to get to know one another and expand their prospect base and generate great leads!  Plus, our mixers can be an “office away from the office” for small business owners, especially those who work from home.

Members-Only Discounts and Benefits — later this year we will be re-introducing a Chamber “Membership Card” and Window Decal… with some added benefits! Members, at no cost, can offer discounts on products and services to Chamber members and their employees and keep business in our community.

Government Access and Impact—Our Chamber can speak with a united voice, a voice very much in favor of local business interests.  Chamber members are more likely to have an impact on government decision-making.

Now is a great time to partner… and grow… with the New Greater Latrobe Area Chamber. Join us!